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The Creative Process

How did the world's most creative people generate, develop and evaluate their ideas? Discover the powerful five step process for finding and developing great ideas. Whether you are looking for new ideas to improve your life, or ideas to launch and grow your business, this course will teach you how. Learn how to break through your creative blocks. Inspiration is for amateurs. The pros have a process. Learn how the creative process works in this powerful course.

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Brilliant Brainstorming

This course will spark your creativity and teach you a range of techniques to improve your next team brainstorming or ideation session. You'll learn advanced concepts in creating psychological safety in a group so you and your team can generate more, and better ideas. These techniques will turn your next brainstorming session from 'blah' to 'brilliant' and 10x the number of ideas you generate.

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International Authors Summit

Learn from 40 world-class experts as they reveal the secrets to making, marketing and monetising your bestselling book and becoming an international author.  Access all the recordings from International Authors Summit, an online summit for today's authors, thought leaders, speakers, coaches, trainers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, executives, and consultants who want to launch, build and develop a longterm career as a best-selling international author.

$197 Value, Unlocked Now!


$500 More of Communication Skill Courses Unlocked Right Now!

At SpeakersU, we know that having good ideas isn't good enough. So we've includes courses on how to use storytelling, speaking and presentation skills so you can better share and sell your ideas. These four bonus communications skills courses cover everything from 'how to write a speech' to 'how to unlock the power of your voice'.

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